Omschrijving van Church House - Julianaweg 15 & Emmaweg 22 Zandvoort
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Julianaweg 15 & Emmaweg 22 Zandvoort

Church house

The house that was created in the church can only be described as unique in all respects, of unequalled class. Every detail has been carefully thought out by the top designer Osiris Hertman.

The result: a climate-neutral, breathtakingly beautiful and tasteful residence that, on the one hand overwhelms you, and on the other embraces and protects you, like a comfortable, warm coat, that should be put on and never taken off.

The metres high aluminium windows ensure a glorious amount of daylight that is then further reflected by the high white ceiling. The focal point of this space is an enormous open fireplace that is finished with hand-hewn stones. It rises all the way up to the apex of the roof, both imposing and stunning.

The creation of a raised area in the large space provides an intimate sitting area that does not detract from the characteristic open nature of the church. The floorboards used for this area came from old train carriages.

Underfloor heating has been fitted throughout the space under the rugged concrete floor. This is no smooth screed floor, but a floor that lives and breathes. There are fans hanging from the ceiling that, as it were, push the warm air downwards which means that the temperature in the house is always pleasant.


The open-plan kitchen is custom made from natural materials such as raw oak and untreated blue steel and is, of course, equipped for lots of company. You will find a great deal of cupboard space, a two-door fridge, a separate freezer, a Quooker, dishwasher and a big central island with built-in Smeg gas cooker.


The original wooden open stairs at the front take you to an impressive door of about 2.5 metres in height. Behind this is a sort of mezzanine floor. The glass balustrade allows for a glorious view of the living room and kitchen. I was told that this used to be the space for the church choir. I closed my eyes for a second to feel what this must have been like with the sounds of ♫ “Oh happy days” ♫.

The space lends itself perfectly to a great study or home office or a large bedroom. There is also a shower here and a toilet in the hallway downstairs.

Just as gorgeous is the new, partially open-plan floor at the other end of the church, above the kitchen. Two bedrooms have been created here as well as the bathroom of your dreams with a gorgeous screed floor in various shades, a free standing bath, a lot of built-in cupboards, two free standing sinks made of Balinese stone and a gigantic walk-in shower with a tropical shower. The large round window offers you a view ‘all the way to heaven’. In keeping with the character of the rest of the building, the bathroom is open to the living room. If you would like more privacy, the space can be closed off with large wooden shutters. The toilet on this floor is separate.

The mini suites

The entrance on the Emmaweg took me into a corridor that forms the connection between the church and the former vicarage, the remaining mini suites and the group area.

In terms of style and comfort, there is a unifying factor: very high quality.

This means that you will find in every mini suite, averaging 35 m2, a beautiful oak, herringbone pattern floor, a completely equipped, made to measure kitchen and a luxury bathroom with fittings from Villeroy & Boch, Balinese tiles and sinks. Great use has been made of natural, pure materials such as marble from Indonesia, handcrafted steel and bamboo. The heating is perfectly arranged with separate units that are linked to the central heat pump. This means that the suite reaches a pleasant temperature in no time. Each mini suite also has its own power supply and access to the surrounding garden.

And yet, every mini suite has its own atmosphere and character. Where it was possible, the original building materials from the church were re-used. This means that you will find, for example, some of the wooden floorboards on a few walls. Other materials have been used to make the built-in cupboards, among other things.

The group area

The gorgeous emerald green wall in the central corridor takes you to the group area of 80m2. This is a unique place for all kinds of possible group activities. For example, at the moment it is frequently used for yoga lessons. The hall is fitted with a splendid bamboo floor with underfloor heating and various skylights. At the rear, the windows that span the entire width provide more light and a connection to the outside. The wooden external stairs and the dancing leaves invite you to climb up the former dune and find a spot on the terraces that have been created on various levels. To enjoy the sun and the magic of this place.

Behind the beautiful glass wall at the front of the space there is a fully equipped kitchen. Entirely custom made from natural materials such as oak, steel and concrete. There is also a shower and separate toilet.


There is a luxurious wellness space in the cellar with a large Finnish panorama sauna, an ordinary shower and a cold rain shower. There is also a separate toilet here.

The garden

The gorgeous and soothing garden is laid out all around the property, which means that you can find a lovely spot in the sun, or even in the shade if you want, at any time of day. Little nooks have been created everywhere where you can sit and enjoy. Just as in the house and the mini suites, you will find many Oriental influences in the garden in the form of a lot of bamboo and glorious statues and pots from Bali.

Climate neutral

There are, in total, four enormous water reservoirs: two in the house and two in the wellness area. Together with the two heat pumps and the four fans on the roof, these ensure a pleasant climate in all the areas; cold air is drawn in from outside and heated by the pump. These in turn heat the water for use in the bathrooms, the underfloor heating and the individual units in the mini suites. The solar panels provide the electricity required. This means that the use of fossil fuels is almost completely unnecessary.

Safety and security Smoke alarms and fire-resistant doors with closers have been fitted into all the areas. There are also cameras and an alarm system. The entire electrical system was fitted by a certified electrician and has the certification required.

Short Stay

The creation of at least 6 studios means excellent short-stay rental opportunities. All of the studios are beautifully designed and fitted with kitchens and bathrooms with Balinese stone.


This exceptional property is to be found at Emmaweg 22 in Zandvoort. Located on a former dune in the green heart of Zandvoort. It is a stone’s throw away from a beautiful nature park, the beach, the centre of Zandvoort, and the station with trains to Haarlem and Amsterdam.


  • Amazing living in an ideal location close to the beach and the glorious dunes;
  • Beautifully renovated with high quality materials as architecturally designed by the renowned designer Osiris Hertman;
  • Multifunctional space for group classes such as yoga;
  • Almost completely climate neutral property fitted with two heat pumps and solar panels;
  • The wooden floorboards in the living room come from former train carriages;
  • Luxury wellness area with spacious Finnish panorama sauna;
  • Living area: approximately 753 m2 in accordance with NEN 2580;
  • Gross cubic volume: approximately 3545m3;
  • Plot: 1650m2